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Can i get the country code region with the phone number ?

first post: middle wrote: Hi , in first . I want to say 'thanks a lof' for that pretty Librar...

Prefix number mobile 4

first post: RodrigoContreras wrote: Hi, I'm Rodrigo from Chile does not support the number 4 in Prefi...

PhoneNumberToCarrierMapper getNameForNumber

first post: Keerthi2014 wrote: Hi, I am trying to use getNameForNumber of PhoneNumberToCarrierMap...

.NET v4.0

first post: wcbrown wrote: I've switched to .NET v4.0 for the target framework and the only co...


first post: live2 wrote: hello there is also a package available on nuget with a older Ver...


first post: ThibaudLopez wrote: Hi, Thanks for the awesome port of libphonenumber to C#. While te...

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